Thursday, August 20, 2009

R.I.P. fung chia

Year 2008, i was facing difficulties studying stupid Chemistry...
So, i took Chemistry tuition for the 1st month in 2008 in PBSM(Pusat Bimbingan Sri Rambai) yet i do not know what the hell the teacher 'ngap'..
Sorry to say that, coz i know that many students do like her...
So, my BFF PYY recommended me to go to Mr. Loo's tuition...
Then, i met this girl...Fung Chia, cousin of my BFF...
In my memories, she is such a nice girl...
UNFORTUNATELY, she passed away the last Sunday.
I just got this news when i just online the first time for the past few days since my previous post...
She died of heart attack.
17/8 years old...
Still such a long way to go.
Yet god chosen her.
I am shocked to get the news...
What makes me even have my goosebumps up is that,
her family knew the last wish of hers.
It is when they approach to god like what we Chinese used to do.
Her last wish is that
I can't imagine how many wonderful things she can do if she were alife...
She is such an angel.
Always is.
R.I.P Fung Chia.
This is the content when i was first told by my dear friend about the news.
See it yourself.

Yee Yin says:
28 i come bac lar
u still rember my cousin
fung chia
she pass away edi
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
u mean die?
how come?
what happened to her
what happened
chill girl
Yee Yin says:
last sunday

ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
Yee Yin says:
she heart attach
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
Yee Yin says:
but her case is different lar
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
i'm s Sorry
Yee Yin says:
she is becoz she hav extra nerves
it's ok
we must study hard
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
n her parents got any or children or not
Yee Yin says:
she wan study hard oso no chance
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
u muz help her to live good life
Yee Yin says:
one sis one bro
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
Yee Yin says:
all elder one
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
i'm shocked now
Yee Yin says:
i cried the whole day on sunday
becoz she is brain damage oni
then when they decided to let her go
i cried until wan die
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
i can feel it
sure u very headache
i can feel sad for her also
what more u
Yee Yin says:
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
which is so close to her
Yee Yin says:
she is such an angel
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
she is so nice
Yee Yin says:
nw she is a real angel ler
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
glad i met her before
Yee Yin says:
she donate her organ
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
i cun say how 伟大 is she
Yee Yin says:
and u knw wat
they knw her last wish when they go see the god
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
Yee Yin says:
she come to the god to express her wish to donate the organ
ഇ___Д‡īδoηΦυs___ഇ says:
can i put this as a post in my blog

So, we should really value our life.
Do things which can contribute to the others.
I did not attend her funeral, it was on the day before yesterday.
Yet i knew it right just now.
Okay, just chill!!!
Big Girls Don't Cry, panda.
It is just because god loves her more than we do i think.
I will be having my Piano Theory Exam next monday, have to study and memorise those German, Latin, French, Italian terms...
Initially, i am really sick of looking at these stupid rubbish dung!!
But now, for me, for dear Fung Chia, i think i should appreciate what i have.
Do what i should do.
No grumbling of course.

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