Wednesday, September 9, 2009

this is the time of my life...

i am so relieved!!!
what could i ask for more...
it's worthwhile anyway..
of getting my goal achieved!!!

I passed my Grade 8 practical piano and Grade 6 violin.
Piano with the marks of 107 which is 20 marks higher than the previous time i took the exam!!!!
Violin, i'm so sad with it. Just 100.
Exactly the passing mark.
Should i be taking exam for violin practical next year?

Perhaps, 4 and 9 are my lucky numbers.

Today is 9/9/09 and i get to know i passed my Grade 8.
Taking the 2 exams in 24th of July and 14th of August.
It's been a tough road enduring my previous failure.
What could i ask for more?
Everything pays off!!!

It's a memorable day.

I couldn't say it is the happiest day in my life.
Reason? I'll keep it a secret till i achieve this goal.

ah sian victory is extremely at the mercy of me!!
Proceeding to my next achievement.

             If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing well.

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