Sunday, October 18, 2009


ntg much bout this post~



taking offfffffffff myyyy bracesssssssss
next month~~~~~~~~~~~

and i passed my theory grade 8 sekali!!

(nodding my head like yea~
moving my hands like yea~

yea~~~~ it's a party in the USA!
yea~~~~ it's a party in the USA!)


walao A...


been to sunway with ying yesterday...

She is the only 1 that would ask me out all the time...

Just a while we went out, but still i appreciate it.

The time we spent.

She must have been enjoying her ipod touch all day long...
She was so excited and nervous that she was shaking yesterday...
She nearly drive to penang island...
Luckily, or else i will not get home by my curfew~

I'm happy for her too...
Thx for inviting me to share the moment...hehe...i love u girl!

And i go and look for the ice-cream phone~
I'm totally in love with it....

i'M HAVING ANOTHER problem now~

(no need to read more~)

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