Saturday, October 24, 2009

I  hate the crowd. I'm thinking of running away from this planet. This Earth thing does not suit me well, I think. I like being in the dark. Nothing much I can contribute to the family nor country. Run!! I need some space and a place where I can watch stars twinkling at night. Being a lost child doesnt feels good. I wanna be what I am. Yet, I'm still staying in his shadow. What can i do?

I hate to think of what title suits my post.

I'm still obssesed with ICE CREAM and is still finding ways to cut down my expenditure. A long way to go though.

What the best i can do now is to do well in MUET. But...where's my passion gone to?

Believe, yet there's a 'lie' in between. So much thoughts during the nights. Where else my soul belongs to?

Just that, I'm trying to be okay but I might have gone Empty-hearted.

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