Friday, May 28, 2010

It's been bloody hell week cause i'm preparing for the stressful+full stress mid year exam.
And what to be celebrated is i've wasted 7 hrs enjoying tv and online for these 2 days
cause i'm really freaked out by bloody Fcking physics and maths.

I practiced my matric and i forgot it all. Congratz to me. Matric baby!! THE EASIET TOPIC TO SCORE...


I stressed out and i put on so much weight...I think i'm having bulimia.
I still starve although itz just 3 hrs after my big-portion dinner.
And i finally can't control myself and i ate chilli sauce to balance up myself!

p/s: I don't think saying F is rude as long as i don't use it on innocent ppl. But BN ppl deserves that!!! Bla..

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