Friday, May 7, 2010


Listen and I learn.

Wednesday, a not-very-familiar-with friend came to my class and ask me out to have a talk.
I thought it will be a short chat with her. But it came out to be a friend to friend conversation.

She is having problems with her classmate,who make teasing her and saying stupid+useless+pointless sacarstic words to her a hobby. (I hate those BN people doing these stuffs!! Like in Hokkien proverbs, eat full no thing do. ) Initially i told her not to take it seriously & she did mention that many people ask her not to think too much about it bacause the BN 1 don't mean anything. Then i express my feelings towards what i've experienced. At times, when come to this situation, the BN may sounds nothing in his word but to the person concerned it does mean something and sometimes it's like a hydrogen bom that trigger people's anger.

It's most devastating when all the surrounding people ask you not to think too much and saying that you are too sensitive towards those words but actually you really know what those words mean. It hurts by not just only breaking some1's heart but by making people life miserable in the other way. Yet, when you wanted to burst out ur anger, you know that every1 will definitely think that you are wrong that you throw your anger because of tiny stuffs and this really affects people's impression towards you. You look back and you fell it's not worth it to do it yet still you know that that person will take for granted. I think it's normal for ordinary person like me and the girl to kisiao.

But when the time you kisiao, people will ask, why she so angry, kisiao like ghost of what?
Actually it's not that they do not know why we are angry of but just that they do not look things in the way like we do. People often do not put themselves in people's shoes. So am I, and I don't hope it from any1 too. But there are some exceptions like this. After we kisiao, those BN will also say "Nah!! I didn't do anything also, she simply angry 1." And this really deduct lotsa marks on people's impression on us but at the same time really very extremely super TL x1billion billion that BN.

So after lots of story......



I told her what i've been through all this while as i'm a zero-social noob and i often meet with this kinda situation. It's not that the whole gang who anti her but just the main person who influence the others. The BN too influence most of the class ppl to anti her and i did ask her to come find me cause both our class are nearby.If people do not wanna make friends with her, Its Fine! I will! and i did honestly told her that she is 1 of the girls that i admire. Then she do find out that some people also dislike that BN. So, these 2 days she finds me a lot and i learn that actually she is such a brainy girl with lotsa information of which i wanna know. Glad she listen and follow what i told her of 'repackaging' those feelings towards the BN and now she can really ignore the BN.
Glad i help a person. And i knew it was her petience limit reached when she simply find a friend and tell her such problems she face as i did it too.

But actually i was wondering why pick me to listen to you? Do i look so kind? Haha~But i'm glad u picked me so cause it means that u trust me. I really thank you. Before that, I thought that listening to others' problems would be as though like i'm a trash can, keeping others' unwanted emotion.

Then i realise, me too can be a listener. For most of the time, i'm the one who complains a lot, and i mean a lot. Everyday i'm complaining, especially to wy.

Live life, love life.

P/S: I'm doing what i like now and i found people who love to dance on k-pop songs like me...
SW 爱拉芙油!!

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