Saturday, July 3, 2010

enjoying with 101%

26th of June has a big day for us including me, the Super Senior...
We practice our dance routine just looking forward on that day.
I didn't do well actually.
I evetually just forget those steps coz i'm so so so damn nervous.
Well, we didn't dissapoint our audience though.
I ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥  it so much, even when praticing or get hurt at times.


Right before ‘The time of our lives!!!’.
Taking with our dearly president,Hui Jing which brings everything into reality of our hard work.

Just after our performance: Super Senior + Juey Chin♥

I really love them much!!

What can i say more? They are the best.
They give me the sweetest memory in sixth form life.
Helping me to do what i want all this while,
dancing on stage but not just in my room in front of the mirrow.

Pop out of no where like i usually do.

Another angle of view of the same photo by different camera.

Encore...coz all of us are super duper high kok!  :P

Here we are...Super Senior imnida~♥



and more...

and lots to go...



but maybe not that much~

We dance, although there was not much audience left.
We dance because we ♥ to dance.

27.June.2010 (The next day...)

Until the day we celebrate for the good job we've done...
(Thanks to those who bring camera to jot down our joyful and precious moments.)

Have our breakfast 1st.(Luckily we have this meal...abo hungry till die lo later...)
At A&W..Don't know which cutie suggest us to go BMW eat...Laugh until us ar...


\We are that crazy~

We met Joe Ean's parents half way our shopping mission.

Micky with mickey ears, while pei ling and I having housefly eyes.

My stupid imitating act..But i ♥ it~♥♥♥♥♥

Another one~

The family photo~♥♥

I have no idea what i'm doing~

Super senior 万岁~

Waiting...Don't know for what aso...
After we bought our fooddd....

Then we proceed to Chuo Ying's house~

So big...and his house got own theater room kok leh!!!
So we sing karaoke there..
(My singing really sucks...bahaha~but Yi Shuen's singing is so damn good...i'm his fans now...really good man!)
We also watch a movie call ‘Silent Hill’...geli...but luckly so many people...

I'm concentrating on the TV with 天才冲冲冲 is on.

Suddenly, there are some pictures of our performance, so my head automatically go there...

The only photo taken properly of me when in front of a TV.

We're waiting Chuo Ying to tie his dog properly~
While some play with the fish and the massage chair...

See...Told you so, Micky is on the massaging chair.
We're posing on the sofa.

Moving forward our plan....

to the next destination.....

Joe Ean's house!!!!!

Fun and crazy...
Our way on preparing the food~
I fed many ppl...haha~

The ppl ask me to faster capture this evidence of 干材烈火ING~~

Gambling...without money...we poor mar..
(Shin May is so Pro man!! Don't siao siao!!!)

Isshhh....i never win..
(Qin Ying say loser gonna have his head in the toilet bowl. Yuck!)

Still waiting for our food while its Kok Liang's turn to prepare the soup le...

Got food but no soup!!!Kanasai...We all are starving le...

Hehe..starting le...

Jie Ting's spirit is still here...画圈圈~

Haha..I'm so clever, go and change a T-shirt to have easier movement to grab food!!

Asking others to join in to take photo.

Missing someone who is holding the camera.

Some still not ready yet...

Still not..

Finally, Joe Ean's mom holding the camera.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Nice smile all~♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Lastly, Joe Ean with me and a gila behind...lols..><


=Story Ends=

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