Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today is 13th of April...
Our matrik result will be announced then~
it is on 17th of April...
I'm not sure with myself whether I wanted it very badly or what~
Awhile ago, I saw Leonie's blog and I'm so regret so not present in those 5S6's gathering and those trips...
Why am I so stupid just to earn those $$ and just ignored those memories I can create with 5S6...
I'm nt sure I can still study in US...
but i do hope so because I really want a brand new life and having good qualification compare to my friends...
Also, i just visit my school's portal and log into that ASPSMS, it just showed that I am in the class L6P1~
What a great thing~
I had never been into first class ever in Jit Sin~
Talk about school~
Once again, i just think of Leonie~
Her style and her lifestyle is so good~
Currently, she is staying in Canada to further study and i saw her pix in her Fcbk~
Just another extraordinary rich girl~
And just saw the picture which how is her class going on there~
Their uniform are totally so cool!
It is a simply design but it seems to be very special to me because i really hate our Malaysia High School's uniform...
In actual fact, IT SUCKS!!!

Actually, now i am so exhausted because of this morning I've wake up so early to attend my piano and violin class..
Eversince i've change my piano teacher, i just realise that how poor am I~
Just a simply piece i can play it like smtg else which is so terrible, my way of presenting those exam pieces are totally out of standard of a eight Grader of ABRSM piano exams....
What more should i say, i just need more practice and give my whole heart on it...

Later then, my mom took us to Penang to change our spec~
Just because mine and sis' are spoilt in the sense of they are loose...
Even when times when I'm sweating, my spec keep on rooling down from my nose and eventually i look like an old lady wearing a spec~Wakaka~
It cost mom RM205 for my spec while sis maybe the same because she chose the similar design with my chosen frame...
I just like my new spec as it doesn't stick to my both side of face~
I'm just a big head and choosing a suitable frame would certainly be a superior tough mission~
Yet, I manage to choose one which just suits me well~

Later when i got back home i slept and wake up on 6pm...
Gosh, i still can't change my habit of like to stay on the bed although actually i've wake up~
Then, i nearly gt late to my work~
Haha, actually i'm teaching in BM Hamley~
Just because to learn something else and to spend my time wisely throughout this holiday~
After, I just got back home and sis ask me to teach her add mths..
I just forgot all those logs and whateva~
Just dump it into the dustbin as my additional mathematics paper for SPM ends~
No more add maths~
But I just wondering how i manage to get an A1 in my AM paper in SPM~
No, it must be gods of chinese (Tao) and Amitabha/Buddha all be protecting me and guide me~
Thank god~

Now thinking of having an i-pod~
How good if I were a millionaire~
But dreams still are dreams~

Nitez on 1.46am of 14 April 2009~
(It is 14 of April,wuhuu...)
Ooopppsss, i haven't ask my parents bout my outing with yee yin on this thurdays~
Just thinking of going to Queensbay and buy that nail printing stamp and plate thing from Etude~
Guess i didn't have the name wrong~
I hope so~
A new day again~
Good Luck Me!

XOXO miss diary blog~ (X=kiss, O=hug, XOXO=kisses and hugs)

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changed new spec-happy, goin back 2 jit sin-cake sim...cun dye hair, have long hair and have to stand those stupid rules...T.T...

saw my name in form 6 list...u guyz log in to ASPSMS n c whether gt show ur current class is wat ~can lg in~.. mine L6P1....

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