Wednesday, June 24, 2009

happy day >v<

Luckily, my phone can be repaired and that just cost me RM70.
Mom and I went to many places and ask about whether can my phone being repaired, but the all the answers are dissapointing us.

Yet, on the last Sunday, when my sister and I went to re-adjust our bracess at Dr. Oon there, mom and dad just brought my phone and hunting around whether where or who can repair my phone.

Luckily, there is an expert in the Summit.
He managed to save my phone, and charged me for RM70.
Yoohoo... (i cheer don't because i spent $$, is just that i can save more $$ by paying this amount~)
To give appreciation to my phone for being so "loyal" to me, I bought plenty of 3D gems to decorate it like Japanese girls did~
Maybe i've read too much of Taiwan and Japan fashion magazine & I don't like local one.
Probably because mostly they show us places in Selangor area.
All those advertisement also showing shoplets in 1Utama.. shit!unfair!

So, I'll just Taiwan magazine like: Choc only
also for Chinese International Version of Japan fashion magazine: Popteen, Cawaii, Vivi...

Actually, by decorating it does have 2 function to me:
1) Encourage me to study more, being more educated, to get more $$ next time to buy more and more and more pretty stuffs!!!
2) Satisfy myself of going to Japan, and i know by now, I can't afford it yet.
Still a long way to go!!
Rather than wasting a few more hundreds, I'll just use my "old" phone & my love to "her" is still exist!!

Today, the school is still having Koperasi Sale.
So, there are people from Pinky Red selling dolls and soft toys.
and i bought 2 pillows!!!

you can't imagine how cute it is..
later on, i will put some picture of it...

1 is darker pink,unknown-shaped pillow
and another one is yellow which is also an unknown-shaped pillow.

But all of them are damn cute!!
Especially the yellow one, my family loves it too,because it can vibrate when we put battery..
It is just as though massaging~

Today is such a good day because my school day is so full with laughters, and of course i bought my 2 weird-shaped pillow thing.
Lastly, is because my stingy little sister bought me a key-chain.
That little girl, 2 days ago quarrelled with me yet today when we are in the car she just give it to me...
Touching ....>v<....

Talk about today in school, from the morning, every period i laughed and laughed and laughed..
There is always something to laugh with...

Like my PA class,
my teacher which is also my idol, doing funny actions.
She borrowed us the magazine and she told us to care of it and don't ever:
1) let her know what breakfast we took...(some ketchup thing is on the book)
2)turn the book after licking your finger as it is a new book and she knows very well that it very hard to turn to the other page..
3)i forgot what she said...because I'm busy fighting down my laughters for the first 2 statement.
chemistry period:
we laughed when we knew that our teacher is not coming...
and some jokes also i think, i forgot too...
yeah, it is about that RULER WITH A STAR MARK!!
It isn't convenient to talk about that here..
Only a few physic class students know about that~

English period:
I don't know, probably no jokes at all...or maybe Ms. Teoh told us and i forgot..
But it seems to be an interesting class though..
Funny speaking with my funny English.

For the whole day, i have 3 subjects only, and chemistry teacher is absent..
I don't know what is the reason, probably she is sick~

Just that I'm so pity WY, she had gastric yesterday and she is absent...
Yet, today she have to bear with her pain because of all our stupid jokes..
Making her even more suffer..xx..

I like my life now, being a sixth former~
Life is getting on, and mine has become better and better.
Gotta spend my time to do my homework orelse I'll be left out~

I start to love my class although there are only 2 girls.
Yet, all the guys is so humorous and friendly..We are just like brothers and sisters...
Keep laughing and also talking about our driving skill (our experience of hitting anywhere~)
Helping others...
It is so warm when I mix with the rest in the class..
I just can't tell exactly how greatful I am.
Thank god letting me to have such a class, and thanks to the school for not spliting us~
I'll appreciate the rest of the day which i can spend with you guys~

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