Thursday, July 30, 2009

sick hearing this term, "H1N1"

No new post lately.
No special news lately.

Oh yeah,
I just hope that H1N1 will stop spreading and no people will die bacause of infected by this disease.

I took my violin exam, and I think I might fail.

To my dear families and friends, do take care.

I get very poor marks in my last exam.
28% and 34% for something...

I have to put more effort.

It's been a fun life as a sixth former.
All teachers are so good.
Hmm...How can I express that how glad am I?

P/s: i just bought a new pencil case and a speaker today. Yay...Having my days happier and happier. Good Luck to everyone. ^^


Is there anyone who reads my blog?
Please leave a message..><
Comment, to say hi, or whatever you like.
Thanks. I would much appreciate it. Hehe.
Is my words and sentence having grammartical error? Please correct me.
I'm still learning. Eventhough it is a stupid mistake that a fool would not have done it too.


JZ-zen said...

yo salty. passed by. err.. nice blog. haha. exam nia, dun sad. add oil la.

♥spring♥ said...

shocked ~><~
thx, anyway...

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