Sunday, December 13, 2009

hell ya~

Gosh* How long is it since my last post?

These 2 days were busy enjoying myself and my life.

First of all, yesterday.

I watched Storm Worrior...but i couln't manage to write everything i feel bout the movie cause i had my Starwalk on the very early on the following monday,that is 4am to wake up this morning.

The story is just 'Just' i would say.
Nothing special. Totally not!
The first thought that crossed my mind when the movie ends was,
''This is so stupid!!'

Guess what?
The story is just about one devil controls China then wind and cloud is gonna save the 'world'.
Yet they have no power and have to seek ways to enhance their so-called skills.
Then someone has to become demon in order to boost their skill level.
Then, at the end wind and cloud fight.
Then cloud fell from somewhere very high.

That's it.

Just the graphic and motion makes me feel i actually doesn't waste my time there.

After movie, we just have have our dinner at Sakae with Hong's family as it is our family event,
8 person all together.

folowing day...

Finally, this is the day that i've been longing.
The day i can enter the world of twilight.

But unfortunately, i didn't got what i have expected.

The story seems to be a bit dull compared to twilight.

Just at the very beginning, when Edward came out and the wind were blowing his shirt...
Ying and I looked to each other and at that very moment, i knew what crosses our mind.
So breathtaking i would say.

But then, things changed.
The time i saw Jacob in short hair, it is true that he is so beautiful as what Bella said.

Then, at the scene where Jacob is topless, guess what i did?
I was wondering whether his muscle is 10 or 8 packs and i started to count.
Hell ya! 8!

Thank god i manage to count it.
But then, it was mentioned that he was 16.
16 yet....

And now, i am feeling to punch the author or director making the story to end with

Bella, would you marry me?

Yet, the funny part was right after the sentence, i unconsciously spit out the word
i heard so many voices of shit too...


bella, would u marry me?..
OMG...this is driving me crazy~

Okay.. just i consider myself a highly twilight fan cause right after my 10km Starwalk,
i just went to cinema and watch New Moon.
Of course got go home and bath la.

Guess i walked 12km for today.

New moon for the rest of my life until the story continues.

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